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09:54pm 15/09/2005
  Love Shouldn't Be Like This

Love shouldn’t be this way
I shouldn’t feel like this every day
I just want to forget
Jump out of my safety net
Give you my whole heart
But you’d hand it back to me a shattered piece of art
So I’ll just stay here
Our future unclear
Hoping that one day I’ll love with my whole heart
05:01pm 07/08/2005
mood: hungry
Name? mollie
Age? 14
Arts you do? [painting, photography, ect.]Poetry
Music: everything and anything
Hobbies: running, reading, writting, hanging out
Gay/Stright/Bi? stright
ANY LAST WORDs?? umm ive been writing for a few years now and my friends tell me im good, but i dont know so i want people to tell me i suck.
02:55am 23/01/2005
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11:43pm 11/08/2004
No title neccessary 
08:22pm 12/06/2004
mood: okay

  Hey, well i have none of my poems with me, so i can't really post them. But, i thought i should be the first to post and then maybe people will follow.. ya kno? haha.. hopefully... er.. uh.. haha. But.. Just post your poems and stuff like that cuz that would be NEAT  so.. anyways. ima go. talk to you all lata! MUAH

 ~Caley Allessandra~

07:04pm 12/06/2004
mood: artistic

is it odd that the smell of rain drives me crazy?? it makes me awake, yet calm and want t lay in bed all day, wrapped up in te sheets..still in your boxers. it makes me think of love.. love-love. boy-girl, i-want-to-be-in-your-arms-forever-kinda-love. i cant find that love though.. but im still looking..smelling the rain..


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