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Poetic Art♥♥?

more than just words

Poetic Rain
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♥♥♥This community is for anyone that is interested art. Have photos, drawings, poems, etc.? WE WANT TO SEE THEM!!! We'd love for this community to be a place where everyone can share their Arts, get help and advice, as well as critique!

NOTE: no pornographic items.. nude art is fine, but nothing "dirty" keep it clean, babydolls.

please put all pics under a LJ CUT!!!

Arts you do? [painting, photography, ect.]
"i am loved" pins, a static lullaby, aar, ac/dc, aerosmith, afi, allister, alternative, ani difranco, art, art class, artist, baggy jeans, bandages, baths, beauty, being me, billy talent, black, black markers, black mesh, bleeding, blink 182, blood, blue springs, books, boys, brand new, broken hearts, burlingame, butts, california, cell phone, chuck taylors, coke, color, computer, cows, dancing, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, deep souls, diet rite, emo, emo boys, emo chicks, empress of the world, expression, fed up, flowers, friends, from autumn to ashes, goobs, green, green day, hair brushes, heartbeats, hearts, hey larry, hoodies, hot hot heat, indie, journaling, junk, kansas city, kansas city art institute, kcai, kiss me, kissing, lightening, liquid paper, lollypops, loud music, love, maui, memories, mini skirts, missouri, mod podge, music, new found glory, oi, orange, orange county, painting, peanut m&ms, phone calls, photography, pictures, pictures of friends, piercings, pink, pink toe nails, pretty girls make graves, punks, pyros, queen, rain, ranch dressing, reading, red, red lipstick, saves the day, senses fail, sexy boys, shoe strings, short ppl, silverstein, skater hair, skinny boys, sleeping, snow patrol, something corporate, spit, stars, stickers, story of the year, sugar, sugarcult, sum 41, sweaters, taking back sunday, tall boys, tanks, tattoos, the early november, the peak show, the sleepy jackson, the starting line, the strokes, thrift stores, thursday, tounges, tsunami bomb, van halen, violent femmes, watching movies, weezer, white, white stripes, writing, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard,